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metadata is the information about ocean data acquisition systems. ODAS metadata standards were developed by the Subgroup on Marine Climatology to descript the data from such ocean data acquisition systems as moored and drift buoys, offshore platform and so on. They focus on the descriptions of original features of observing data, especially the environmental features in data collecting.
At the JCOMM DMCG-I meeting in 2002, the National Marine Data and Information Service (NMDIS) of China volunteered to undertake the construction of the ODAS Metadata Management Center. The major objectives of ODAS metadata management center are collecting, sort-out, processing, management and service of the ODAS metadata from the Members and Members States, international organizations and cooperative projects and programs in an operational way. The practical tasks consist of the followings:

  • To conduct the extensively comparative study, based on the ODAS metadata formats, with current metadata standards in use internationally, timely follow up the developing requirements of oceanographic and meteorological metadata information management, maintain and update the ODAS metadata format so as to keep them in present situation;
  • To conduct the collection, processing and management of ODAS metadata, develop the program modules for the metadata processing, operation and management, set up the metadata base and its management system, carry out maintenance and updating of it, and regularly provide metadata inventory to the Member States and the relevant organizations;
  • To establish and maintain the website for ODAS metadata management, release the ODAS metadata and provide relative information on JCOMM metadata management;
  • To follow the development of ODASs, timely complement, perfect, review or work out relevant standards and codes, and provide them to the Member States and the relevant organizations after approved by the expert group;
  • To set up and keep the relationships with the JCOMM Member States, international organizations and cooperative projects by the coordination of JCOMM data working group, promptly collect and deal with the demands and suggestions of offers and users of metadata information, and improve and perfect the management and service of the metadata center.

The ODAS metadata database and management system have been developed by ODAS Metadata Center .The DBCP and ARGO metadata information has been translated into the ODAS metadata operationally. The management system will be improved continuously. Users can get useful information from the ODAS metadata database.

Constructed by :  National Marine Data & Information Service(NMDIS, SOA, China)
Email:  odas@mail.nmdis.gov.cn     Updated:  12 June 2007
Tianjin ICP:05001020
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